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What Is Organizational Behavior (OB)?

November 13, 2016/All Posts
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What is OB..

Organizational Behavior, also known as OB, is the study of the behavior of people individually and in groups in an organization. OB is a field within business management that was developed in the 1940’s and 50’s so it’s relatively new.

Researchers use psychology in forming methods and ways to improve outcomes. The objective or goal of OB is finding practical methods to apply at work that would improve job performance and achieve goals efficiently and effectively, which is the overall goal of management, however all that through employee satisfaction and job satisfaction and motivation.

Goal of OB By Sara AlQuraini @sara.xxii

By having employees actually wanting to do better, and by improving the overall quality of his or her experiences at work and the environment at work, everybody wins and success is achieved.

These days, people care a lot about their quality of life and whether or not they are happy, which is very understandable and humane. This, however, has led people to be less tolerant of job dissatisfaction. Unlike the times of the Industrial Revolution (late 1800’s), where people would work 14 to 16 hours a day, nowadays there are a lot more options and higher chances of landing new jobs if someone is unhappy with their current one. The competition is only increasing for organizations and now it’s a game of who can provide the most comfortable work setting and environment for their employees.

So it makes sense that OB is concerned about the quality of a person’s job and about the perception of every individual. People who study OB try to find ways for managers to go about a certain job to make the employees like it better.

Management in general is more concerned with results, efficiency, and effectiveness. Whereas Organizational Behavior, although concerned with the same objectives, the way it aims to achieve them differs. The goal is to achieve results, efficiency, and effectiveness through job satisfaction. Without job satisfaction a person won’t do their best at any job.


Do What You Love!


If you realize, the phrase “Do what you Love” has been going around a lot for the past 10-15 years..

This is because if you don’t do what you love, you won’t do your best and won’t be successful at what you’re doing. However, so many people don’t get the chance to do what they love and just go with whatever life gives them, and they find themselves in a random job they never imagined they’d ever be in. So OB aims to turn these people’s jobs into something that they do love simply by changing influencing factors in the workplace.

Organizational behavior is a study working to understand why individuals behave the way they do in an organization.


We can’t achieve goals and achieve what we want without loving and being happy with what we’re doing. Nobody would put in their time and effort into a job when they don’t care about it, when they don’t like their boss, when they don’t like their coworkers, when they don’t like the culture, etc. So when most of these are not in line with their expectations or needs, naturally their performance won’t be either.

Sometimes you’ve got to work with what you’ve got, and OB does exactly that. First managers learn about their employees and what works with them and then they treat them accordingly using methods developed in OB.

OB also affects HR at an organization because it makes the staff of the Human Resources department think twice before hiring someone in order to make sure they are hiring someone who fits well with the existing culture, mission, and values of the organization. OB helps them think in different perspectives and in a more detailed manner where they start looking for people who fit the organization not only in terms of skills but also based on who they are. Basically OB affected the hiring process.


Organizational Behavior is really important and a great contributor to management as it affects people’s overall happiness.


The industrial revolution was a highlight in the history of management and a lot was discovered all that time in management and people worked for 14 hours and sometimes 16 hours a day and it was hectic. Managers were just concerned with producing results and achieving company goals without caring about who was actually doing the jobs, employees were treated like machines, and this resulted in a lot of dissatisfaction. Money was the priority. That doesn’t work anymore. People now have high expectations from work and the job opportunities keep increasing. The standards of living have inclined dramatically since then, and quality of life is now a priority for so many.

The competition between companies to get the right employees and keep them is more than ever. And every company has a competitive advantage when using OB to increase job satisfaction at their workplace. Methods that worked back then during the times of the industrial revolution don’t work today. So people realized this in the 40’s and 50’s because they noticed over time how important it was for people to like what they’re doing, to like their job.

Thanks to Organizational Behavior, people’s feelings and perspectives are now taken into consideration at work. Although not many organizations are aware of OB, we are still hopeful of a better future where more and more people will learn about OB and adapt its methods and studies to the workplace.






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