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The Meditative Zone

August 29, 2016/All Posts
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What does finding the Zone in Meditation feels like? Ever wondered what it feels like to experience the benefits of meditation? What it feels like to be completely and utterly relaxed?

In my previous post I spoke about the different kinds of meditation. I found out that the one I practice is not Transcendental Meditation (TM) but is another form of meditation where you have gamma waves going through you Third Eye Chakra (the area right in the middle of your forehead). Although TM is the best and most effective technique, generally all forms of meditation are still very effective, they just vary in levels. The one I practice is really good though, you physically and mentally feel a difference after several meditations. After researching I have found that the one I do is either called Effortless Presence or Vipassana, I do a mix of both. But generally I believe that all meditation techniques overlap and that they all have the same objective, which is to quiet the mind.

So I will describe what this meditation zone feels like.  When your in the zone in meditation your body is completely relaxed, that’s for sure. It’s like your whole body is all of a sudden suspended.

In the beginning you’re holding your posture, you’re holding your body in a certain position and posture, but when you reach the zone it’s like something holds your body in place. It’s like something holds your posture in place, and suddenly that posture is no longer a burden or no longer bothering you. You are suddenly being held there by something; this energy is hold ing you in place and you are relaxed. Your soul and body are relaxed and you are now being taken care of by that energy. You don’t feel your limbs at all anymore, as if they are non existent. The temperature of your body is still, everything becomes still. You still hear everything around you but you don’t care.

The closest feeling I can relate this feeling to is that moment right before you fall asleep, when you’re thirsty for sleep. That feeling right before falling asleep where your eyes are so relaxed that they tickle. And you’re breathing very light short breathes and it’s so relaxing that you’re almost going to stop breathing. And the breathe becomes so natural and more involuntary than the usual — not that we usually think about breathing — and you’re aware of it but you’re not controlling it. You are not concerned about it, and you are completely just letting every thing around be. Your body is still, your back is still, and your hands and thighs are still.

Right before getting there you start feeling tingles all over your body, but that’s just because you are becoming more and more aware, so you are just noticing these tingles that were always there. So when you start feeling tingly like you want to itch different parts in your body, it’s not because things are distracting you. When you feel this, don’t move, don’t give in to your temptation, just let the tingles be. Keep doing what you were doing before reaching that tingly stage. Just stay focused on nothing in particular and being aware of your overall body, temperature, posture, etc, accepting all sensations.

Keep your back straight, when it’s not, it actually starts to hurt, and when it’s straight it doesn’t. I have found it though to be pretty difficult to keep it straight when sitting on a flat surface that is the same level all over, like the floor. The best place to sit is on something that keeps the level of your knees lower than your lowest spinal vertebrae (the coccyx) in a cross legged position. This is when you can sit up straight with minimal effort. The thighs weigh down so the back naturally pulls itself up to balance.

When you get into the zone, it’s like you suddenly tune in. And you feel it, you are suddenly on a different frequency. Your on a straight line like when a line of a voice recording goes flat on the screen.

You start to feel pressure in the area between your eyes on your forehead, on your inner top corner of your forehead. The pressure is inside the forehead not on the outside, its internal. That pressure feels so good and so relaxing. It is the energy moving in your body, and your whole body becomes somewhat numb. You don’t feel you palms or feet anymore, it’s kind of like they disappear, and all of a sudden your posture is no longer bothering.

There’s that energy going through you, it’s something yet it’s nothing. It goes right through your spine, in between your whole body, through the torso, and all the way into your third eye. All while the pressure on the forehead is there; it keeps increasing. Once you feel it, it takes your attention so you don’t have to think about anything. You naturally don’t think, all the energy of your mind is in that zone of being cleansed between your eyes. It’s a zone between your eyebrows but a little bit higher than that eyebrow level. It’s a super relaxing feeling and once you’re there that’s the strongest point throughout the whole meditation. Everything else becomes non existent, you’re aware of it but you don’t care, it’s just there. But that point in the forehead is the most prominent and the most obvious in the meditation and that’s when you know you’re there. The longer you can stay there the better, because that relaxing feeling is what’s benefiting you; that is when you’re finally taking a break from life. That’s what this meditation is all about and this is what you’re trying to reach.



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