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De-Clutter Your Mind

July 31, 2016/Self Development
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What if there was a way to clear up and increase your mental capacity & de-clutter your mind?

How old are you now? Do you regularly meditate? If the answer is ‘no’ – which is more likely – then for the past x number of years (your age) day by day you have been piling up the mental clutter of the day before and accumulating it all these years. If you don’t regularly meditate, you have been waking up every day starting your day with the mental clutter of the day before. Imagine the amount of mental capacity used up by this clutter, which could be freed and utilized wisely. This capacity could be used for important matters of today instead of keeping useless storage from yesterday. What if there is a way to do this, to clear up this mind space? Well, today is your lucky day because there is! Woo hoo! It’s called meditation.

When most people hear the word ‘meditation’ they don’t take it seriously. They think it’s something silly that only hippies or Buddhist monks do. Well, my friend, these hippies and Buddhist monks have found the secret to achieving peace of mind way before us.

There are different types of meditation. One of the types involves visualizing the seven energy centers in the body. These energy centers, called Chakras, are represented by 7 florescent colors, and that may be one of the reasons people associate meditation with hippies and hipsters. However, it has been scientifically proven that there really are energy centers in the body, and though we may not be able to see them, they radiate energy of the colors chosen to represent them and they affect our lives in many different ways. Below is a link to show the meaning of the color green, for example, representing the Heart Chakra:

Meditation is the best method used to clear up these energy centers as they become filled with negative energy overtime from our daily stressors.

The good news is that Meditation is a practice that can be done by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. It is not labeled under any social group. It is not associated with any specific religion and though some religions do use it as a religious practice, it really is not related in any way. Meditation is only a process or method used to reach a state of mental peace and calm and a way to get in touch with your higher self. When I was first introduced to meditation I thought I was being hypnotized, and honestly, I kind of worried feeling that incredibly calm state I achieved. I had not felt so calm and thought-less ever in my life, and I thought something must be wrong. Later I figured out that what happened was the point of meditation, reaching this state of mind, and I continued and cannot imagine or begin to describe how my life would have been today if I had not known about meditation.

Once you start meditating (and I will explain how below) and you reach this state of calm, you will know that you hit the spot and you will experience your higher self. It does not happen from the first time you meditate but it comes after several practices. The feeling is incredibly powerful.

Three-Categories-of-Meditation31250Types of meditation:

There are several kinds of meditations, but I will talk about mainly two. One is TM (Transcendental Meditation) and the other is just regular chakra clearing/balancing meditation, the second one is usually a guided meditation. The more powerful one though is TM.

Benefits of meditating:

 All meditation but especially TM has been proven to reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, increase concentration, and so many more benefits.





(Below: benefits of meditating)

Benefits-of-meditation-2 Benefits-of-meditation-Infographic

How to Meditate (TM: the simplest & most effective):

Transcendental Meditation needs to be practiced for 20 minutes, twice daily; once right after waking up in the morning, and once in the evening a couple of hours before going to sleep.


1- Sit up straight in a comfortable position but not too comfortable that you might fall asleep, with your back straight; either in a cross legged position or upright in a chair.

2- Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

3- Begin to deepen your breath. Listen to your breath. You can hum a mantra like “Hmmm” or “Ommm”, but just anything that has no meaning just to keep your mind focused on nothing but your breathing and the vibration in your throat. I usually say a mantra for the first couple of breaths but then once my mind focuses on my breathing and the thoughts dissolve, I just continue breathing deeply but without saying anything, just silently focusing on the feeling of the air coming in and out of my nose or mouth.

Try to concentrate your mind on what you are feeling in your body as you sit there still, the temperature of your body, any sensations, air around you, the feeling of whatever s touching your body. Feel the tension is there is any in your body and try to relax it. Notice your face and the expression you have on. If your eyes are tightly closed, relax them. Notice your back muscles, and your arms hanging down. Notice your whole body, your lungs going in and out as you breathe.

Keep returning to your breath; do not get too distracted with other things. Try to realize when you are not focused anymore or when you are focused on other things and gently breath deeply and slowly again, relax your face muscles and return to focusing on your breath.


Most websites online will not give you the steps and will possibly even ask for hundreds of dollars worth of subscriptions to tell you how to meditate, when it doesn’t even take 5 minutes to explain nor to learn, so don’t do that, don’t pay for something that should be given to everybody for free, a clear state of mind. I have found many good YouTube videos explaining how to meditate and my friend’s father who has been meditating for over 25 years has agreed to the methods, especially the TM one. I have posted a couple of links below; I hope they help you like they’ve helped me.

Guided Meditations:

Chakra Balancing/Clearing Meditation:



The link below is a Quiz by Carol Tuttle, teachers of Chakra Energy healing, to find out which of your chakras need to be cleansed or activated and how they affect your life:[advertising]-[google-paid]-[ppc-autopilot]-[ch]&cid=[advertising]-[google-paid]-[ppc-autopilot]-[ch]-dis-lead/kw:-astral-projection-(ww)&aid=[ad:banner]-kw:-astral-projection&otag=[cid=[advertising]-[google-paid]-[ppc-autopilot]-[ch]-dis-lead/kw:-astral-projection-(ww)/aid=[ad:banner]-kw:-astral-projection]&adtag=(cid=[advertising]-[google-paid]-[ppc-autopilot]-[ch]-dis-lead/kw:-astral-projection-(ww)/aid=[ad:banner]-kw:-astral-projection)&adtag_time=90&utm_source=google-paid&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=[ppc-autopilot]-[ch]-dis-lead/kw:-astral-projection-(ww)/aid=[ad:banner]-kw:-astral-projection&utm_content=c–118145982569-none&utm_term=d–astral%20projection%20meditation–


Transcendental Meditation (TM): There are guided meditations online, but all they do is talk you into the zone. However, you need silence to get to that state of mental calm, and the audio or video does not know where you are in the meditation so they will keep talking and that may actually disrupt your concentration getting your out of the zone instead. So it is much better to do TM on your own and not through a guided meditation video/audio.

The following links tell more about the benefits of TM in more detail:


Normal Meditation Looking inward: There are some guided meditations (not TM) though that do make you feel calmer and better and I will link an example of a really good one below. It helps you get more in touch with your inner self and really notice your body on the inside. It gets you to a state of deep relaxation and appreciation for yourself, your body, and your life. This video helped not only me but many others who have tried it as well, including a close relative of mine who never even thought about meditating or even what the word means. The nice thing about this is that he walks you through the stages and keeps your mind focused on what he is saying and the imagery he is giving. I would give it a try if I were you.





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