Know Your Partner

What if the source of your relationship problems was not knowing your partner enough.. When in a relationship, in order to have a balanced one, you need to know your partner well; especially long-term relationships, specifically newly weds, recently married couple, or couples planning to marry soon. I read an article I liked about 55 things […]

What is Management

Management is a study, process, and/or science that was developed in order to efficiently and effectively achieve goals, reducing wasted actions and motions. It is mainly used in business and academics but it can be applied to pretty much everything. This article will be focused on Business management. For over a century, management has been […]

Ask. Don’t Take!

When you want something from your child — I’m talking about physical objects — what do you do? Do you ask them nicely to give it to you? Or do you just take the short cut and snatch it from them? When a child gives you something, it’s a choice they make. Whether you are […]